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Hello Fashion dolls!,

This Summer was meant to be spent doing fun stuff and going on family vacations that nobody would ever forget. So today I wanted to share my vacation style ideas with you and talk a little about where to travel this Summer if you plan on taking a late trip with your friends and family, these style ideas are amazing.

Vacation style ideas

Weather your going on a family trip or a girl’s trip its always a must to bring dressy outfits if you plan on enjoying the party scene a little bit. Of course it’s not essential to bring so many pairs of shoes you need a seperate bag just so you can bring them all LOL but always bring the basics.

To me I picture a beach vacation is flowy dresses and shorts LOL. It’s important to bring comfortable shoes because your definitely going to need them, because if your anything like me you love exploring new places, seeing the tourist sights and mingling with the locals.

I love to mix and match bikinis if I wear one but I’m really into the cut out trends so these one piece suits are my style. I think the straw purses are so cute and I would only carry it to the beach LOL. I don’t really swim as much nowadays but my kids love the water so there isn’t anything wrong with me looking cute even if I’m not getting in the water.

When traveling with kids it can be a bit challenging at times, because they get restless and impaitent so they need stuff to keep them entertained. I have my kids bring toys and their electronics so that during the ride they wont complain about being bored, we have a portable charger in our car so they can charge them.


  1. Laguna Beach, CA

This beach looks beautiful and the color of the water is amazing. I definitely would take my family here and find a good resort style hotel near by for the weekend, because you don’t always have to travel far from your home to find a good vacation spot.

2. Dana Point, CA

Beaches in general are beautiful with the colorful ocean, and clear sky, but there is something about a beach with an outlooking hill that gives me the chills LOL for one it makes for the best photo shoot spot ever but also it just makes me feel like I’m sitting on the beach in Ireland with the beautiful landscaping.

3. Cancun, Mexico

This has been my dream summer vacation since I was 21 and it’s still on my list of places to take my family. The water is so deep blue it could make me cry, because it’s such a pure place uninfected my the pain of life. Although this is a hot spot for tourists I still need to go and experience this for myself.

4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This is also on my list of must go summer vacations LOL the water just makes me wanna jump in it and never get out LOL. It’s interesting that there is palm trees all across the sand of the beach which probally makes it much cooler sitting in it. The teal waters and clear blue sky is taking my breath away it’s amazing that this is here for us to experience in our life if we are able.

Thank you for following my journey and continueing to follow my journey with all the transitions I’ve been dealing with lately with my brand. I plan on taking a summer vacation next month but will definitely be going somewhere in Cali and save for next year to go on my next trip somewhere on my must go list. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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