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Hi Fashion dolls!,

I’m happy to be back in the flow of blogging, because I really have been missing creating things I want to share with all of you. Be sure to keep an eye out for more new content this weekend and you won’t want to miss any of that. Well, with that said ladies let’s get into today’s spring fashion creation OOTD.


The main thing I really love about Spring is the color schemes are limitless, because it’s one of the times of year that you can play around with colors bright or pastel. Flowers bloom in spring and it’s only fitting that floral prints are also an amazing fashion benefit when putting together the perfect outfit For any occasion.

My personal style can be one of two things casual comfy or chic dressy, this style board also represents both those style types and it’s a typical choice for me to be very matchy when putting together outfits even if the colors are polar opposites I can be very picky in that way.

Having cute or classic sneakers has always been a passion of mine for as long as I could remember and

that has only intensified as of recently LOL but fr the most part I just care for the ones that I have, only buyng new sneakeres when I actually need some and not because I want some cute ones on sale.

With all the COVID restrictions being lifted here in California happening fairly quickly, I do look forward to getting a chance to attend events and take my kids out on a family day out to amusement parks for their first time. Of course there will be some girl’s nights out with my best friend and sister, which of course I would wear something super cute and depending on what we do heels are always my go to shoes LOL.

Thank you so much for suporting me and following my journey for those of you who have been around for awhile. For those who may be fairly new here in the fashin doll community thank you for joining us and welcome to a fashionably real platform where we love fashion, but always speak our true opinions. More new content coming this weekend with vlogs and live streams that you wont want to miss, so come hang out with me and some special guests for a unfiltered conversation on several different topics.

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