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Hello Fashionistas!,

Last night was so much fun and as always I love to celebrate NYE with my family, which is definitely the best way to spend it. We had good food, funny conversations and mind blowing freestyle rap battles all night long 💯 We got a lot of good content on Instagram live, which was amazing to have captured for you guys LOL it definitely was a super fun hanging out and celebrating the New year with you all last night.

I was suppose to dress up, regardless of staying home but I decided that I would leave my super cute outfit for New Years day instead. So with that said let’s get into what my NYE OOTD was this year.


Sweat pants and Tank top: Savage Fashionista Styling / Shoes: White Crocs

I’ve been wanting to get my hair done for awhile and this year I needed to do something different with my hair, so I went with one of my favorite hair colors to use when getting my hair braided; sweet red (my go to).

One of my hair goals is to get my hair done when I want it done and get the colors I’ve been meaning to use and just rock what makes me happiest.

Of course, I wanted to be cute for my party on NYE but I definitely wanted to be comfortable as well. We ordered the party pack at Del Taco with shreded chicken burritos and soft tacos, so that we could have enough food for the whole night and not have to go back out for the rest of the night.

Me with my sister Robin Me with my Hubby Tony

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 !!! I’m not a New Year resolution type of person, but I do set goals for myself that I seek to accomplish before the year is over. Theres so much I hope to do and things I hope to see in 2022 that will lead to bigger and better things in life that I can share with the people I love.

Did you watch my Instagram live podcast last night? If not the replay of Episode 24: NYE Edition is here

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Holiday season, Happy New Years !. Thank you all for continuing to come back and read my blog posts, it definitely means a lot to me that you are my loyal readers.

This year is mine to shine and I’m going to manifest all of my goals for my life and my business. My face in the above photo is just how I intend to be all year long and when I accomplish each goal I will even do a little dance in celebration of meeting those goals.

#NYEOOTD #HappyNewYears #RedHairDontCare #PrettyInPink


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