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Hello Fashion dolls,

I haven't been shopping for makeup in awhile and was eager to see what I've been missing so you know I had to go online and see what was new in the beauty industry right now.

Of course I put together items from my favorite place ULTA Beauty and my gift guide is jam packed with new arrivals and online only items that you can only find at this store.

Beauty Gift Guide

There so many new arrivals and some collaborations that I didn't even know about yet and I'm so happy that I went to take a look today. Of course this reminded me of just how much I love eyeshadow palettes and I hope to purchase half of the items I put into my gift guide, so with that said ladies lets get into what's on my beauty guide.

  1. Urban Decay Naked : Wild west eyeshadow palette

  2. Urban Decay Naked: Cyber eyeshadow palette

  3. Too faced: Christmas coffee palette

  4. I heart revolution x Elf: Ninny muggins palette

  5. I heart resolution x Elf: Elf primer

All of these palettes are cute and I definitely want to buy them all, because at times collections that come out during the Holiday season are limited collections and are only sold during certain times of the year.

The naked palettes are my favorites from this list, because if you've been following my blogging journey, you know that I've been wanting to have the whole line of Naked palettes.

  1. NYX professionals: Money heist (La casa de papel) collection vault set

  2. NYX professionals: Money heist (La casa de papel) Dali mask mirror

  3. Makeup revolution: Forever dynamic shadow palette animal- ego

  4. Makeup revolution: Forever dynamic shadow palette animal- magic

  5. Makeup revolution: Creator limitless nude regin palette

  6. Makeup revolution: Forever limitless extra chilled palette

Money heist is a really good show from NETFLIX and it's interesting to me that it was turned into a eyeshadow palette concept but I like it. I definitely want to get this whole collection and hopefully can for Christmas because this has to be selling quickly.

As for the other palettes that I shared, I realized when I was looking through the makeup products on the ULTA beauty website that I was picking a lot of full collections and palettes that are in the same palette series (ex the naked series palettes).

  1. MORPHE: Mickey & friends truth be bold artistry palette

  2. Colorpop: The nightmare before christmas full collection

  3. Colorpop: Hocus Pocus 2 coven crew collection

This was the first time that I was seeing the Mickey & friends palette, because I didn't know that it was even a palette yet LOL. But I know for sure that would be a great fit for any Disney lover that just happens to be into makeup as well LOL.

My favorite is the Hocus Pocus collection, because ever since I've watched it for the first time with my kids it's been a family favorite (I loved it as a kid to) and the colors definitely give me the vibes from the movie.

The nightmare before Christmas collection is very cool as well and this is also the first time I found out about this makeup as well. I definitely would love to have this in my collection.

  1. BH cosmetics: The lit list palette

  2. Colorpop: Charm school palette

  3. Colorpop: Locket down palette

  4. Colorpop: Glam right palette

  5. Colorpop: Bling time palette

  6. BH cosmetics: Doja Cat mega palette

  7. ULTA Beauty: Tis the season palette

  8. MAC x Rosalia: Extra deminsion X4 Aute cuture starring Rosalia

I wasn't even aware that Doja Cat had a makeup palette out and now that I do, damn I want it so bad! Lately I've been listening to her albums on Apple music and I'm definitely a big fan of hers. So I'm definitely going to buy this for myself for a Christmas gift because of course I deserve it LOL. Ladies, I have to admit that I really like all of these palettes and would love to add them all to my collection, because these are trending online for some of the most anticipated products.

  1. Clinique: Great skin for him gift set

  2. Clinique: Fresh face forward gift set

Having great skin and a even better skincare routine is essential for my goals to having flawless skin. I've been wanting to try Clinique products for what feels like forever and have been introduced by their skincare by one of my Aunts who uses their products in her skincare routine. I also want my Husband to have flawless skin so we will both be trying this out and will definitely be doing an honest review on our journey using the product so stay tuned for those.

  1. Ariana Grande: Coffret gift set

  2. ILLUME': Cypress lavender candle

  3. Holiday fragrance gift set for him and her

  4. Givenchy" Irresistible gift set

  5. Yves Saint Laurent: Y eau de toilette for him holiday gift set

  6. Yves Saint Laurent: Black Optimum for her holiday gift set

I definitely have been looking to add more perfume to my collection for a long time so these are just helping push me towards finally getting them. I've used the YSL black optimum before and still have very little left in that bottle right now.

If your Husband or Boyfriend is anything like my Hubby then he has been trying out different cologne scents and still hasn't decided on what two to commit to yet. So I think getting him this Holiday set will be helpful because it has a lot of different brands in one set and gives him the opportunity to see what works for him and what doesn't.

Lately I've been working a lot of over night shifts for my day job and it's been a real challenge to get the proper sleep I need to be able to function properly during the day with my kids. So I look forward to trying out this lavender candle because the scent is suppose to help you relax and that's exactly what I need at home.

Hopefully like my other gift guide this has helped you figure out what you want for Christmas and figured out what to get that special someone and these are all amazing gifts to give and get. Thank you for coming back to see what items and products I included in my gift guide, stay blessed and keep God first.

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