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Hello Fashionistas!,

We have seen a lot of amazing events, parties and phenomenal women being remembered/honored for their remarkable impact on Women's history. I've been behind on content lately, but wasn't going to allow this month to pass without taking the time to highlight and give acknowledgement to some phenomenal Women that deserve the spotlight along side some famous and well known women that have impacted me and others in some way.

Why is Women's history month is important? We reflect on the courageous Women from past generations by celebrating their determination and bravery, because they created opportunities for future generations of Women to have equal rights and it's safe to say that without these Women taking risks and taking real action there would still be confusion and inequality about our rights. Nowadays, we also highlight present phenomenal women who also use their strong voices to make an impact and change in the world to be inclusive.


I am beyond excited to introduce you to the first Woman I want to spotlight and show some support to! She is just a person that gives off the best vibes, energy and wisdom to share.

Shannon SoRare

Without further delay, let's me introduce you to Mrs Shannon. She is a published model, Mother and CEO of So rare collections from Tempe, Arizona. Modeling is something she has always loved doing since childhood but she decided it was her career when she was only 19 years old. Taking a break from modeling when she was pregnant with her daughter, which is the encouragement Shannon needed to finally build her brand and become an entrepreneur.

So rare collections is a clothing and accessories online store, which includes custom pieces. The website is currently under revamping but please follow both Shannon and her business on IG @Shannonsorare and @Sorarecollections

Here are some custom items you can find in the So rare collections online store

I had a chance to ask Shannon some questions this week and was aware that she was a phenomenal Woman, but her answers blew me away because I got to know more about the way her career began and why she became an entrepreneur.

Me: What is your favorite part about being a model?

Shannon: Bringing the idea to life! I absolutely love when the creator/designer is happy with the turn out. Especially when it's a hard project, I love a challenge when it comes to shooting

Me: How do you balance family life with being an entrepreneur and in your opinion what's the best way someone can create that balance?

Shannon: Being a Mom and trying to fulfill my dreams as an entrepreneur can be tricky at times, but I make sure to make time for family and really live out those moments!! It's important to balance it out because you don't want to miss certain moments that you won't get back.

I'm very organized and have a planner, so in my opinion making sure you have a planner that you set certain dates monthly will keep you ahead, help with scheduling and voicing your schedule to clients will really help you with balance or even a calendar that they can see your availability is key

Me: What kind of culture exists within your brand and how did you establish that?

Shannon: I believe there is a variety of culture within my brand. I want it to be for everyone, but also for those who are real rare and different from others! I've always been an odd ball or stood out in my life and used to be really insecure about it. Once I got older and really understood my beauty and rareness I embrace it and realize it's what makes me, me!.

So with my brand and business I want others to feel that as well, being different is authentic in so many different ways. Everything within my brand and business is art and is nothing but empowering positivity and beauty within yourself


I agree with Shannon about living out those moments with out family, because it often feels overwhelming when running a business to keep that balance we talked about today with our family time. Secondly, I have a planner for damn near everything LOL, but I'm going to make an upgrade for a family time planner because that is a priority for me.

Make sure you show my girl Shannon So rare and her brand So rare collections some love and follow her on social media which I have tagged here in this post. It was helpful and fun getting to know my friend a little bit better and being able to connect with a likeminded business woman was great as well, thank you Shannon so much for being apart of this article.

Thank you all for following my journey and as always I appreciate the love and support. Stay blessed and keep God first.


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