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Hello fashion dolls!,

I haven’t really been very into studying zodiac signs the way that a lot of people are, but something that I know for certain is that they definitely have an effect on how we think and why we do the things we do.

Although, our zodiac signs may not be a the best way to predict love, fortune, and health, it is a great tool for better understanding the motions of the sun, the Earth, and even the cultures that have come and gone on our little planet. But I did some research as part of my manifestation journey to better understand and embrace all aspects of what works with and against me in accomplishing my goals during this journey.

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We love deeply: Our love will always be pure and profund. We tend to forge strong and intense emotional bonds with those we care about and remain loyal to those emotions and people. Also, when falling in love it’s habitial for Aquarius’s to love heavily and tend to be terriorial.

We let you experience best of both worlds: We can be either a quiet intorvert or an energetic, talkative extrovert, because there is no inbetween. Additionally, we enjoy being both because we find comfort in truly being ourself

Are creative people: Aquarius women enjoy thinking outside the box and well in traditional atmospheres so many restrictions and love having creative freedom at work

Mastered sarcasm: We have a sense of humor that consists mostly of elite sarcasm. Often times we even utilize this at the expense of proving a point whether good or bad. Let’s make one thing clear, we are not mean women 💯 truth is we just wont let anyone mess with our energy

Always an open book: Being highly self sufficent and independent the Aquarius woman highly dislikes putting herself in a vulnerable position, but she also is attracted to smart and diciplined men. Once that guard is knocked down, there is an surplus of open mindedness and willing to share any testimony that may reach whom ever hears it

Over thinkers: They weigh the pros and cons of every situation and it’s in our nature to completely analyse situations and avoid making swift decisions based off feelings

Hungry for knowledge: Always striving to learn more and more; they never stop learning new things. Secondly, they pefer meaningful conversations, like minded individuals to interact with and dislike wasting their time.

Independent woman: One thing about an Aquairus woman is that she has a strong personality, free spirited and carve their own paths. Lastly, we really enjoy our freedom and space which are just a few reasons behind our self confident strength

Spontaneous livng: Living in the moment Aquarius’s have a sense of adventure, thrill and an uncurable need to follow thier intuitions. Our spontaneity is what makes us so unpredictable, yet exciting people to spend time with

Don’t make same mistake twice: Since we are such quick learners, especially when it refering to relationships and life chaning decisions. Making mistakes isn’t something we take lightly and aim to repair them with determination and intention to improve

Amazing listener: This may be one of the most obvious characteristics of an Aquarius woman everyone knows that we are the best person to talk to when your down and sad, because we hate seeing their friends emotionally drained. Certainly, we give valuable advice and this is where the over thinking and knowledge comes in order to help others

Could be bad tempered: Ok confession time 🤦🏽‍♀️ We have a tendency to bottle up emotions and cause us to have outbursts when our anger becomes to overwhelming for us to deal with. Realisticaly, we aren’t quickly pushed into anger but when we do theres no saving you from it 💯; you can calm them down if you know the right buttons to push

Look for the best in people: When everything is going wrong we can focus on the positives which is unfortuantely why we are such forgiving people and often doing this with undeserving individuals

When they are in love: Aquarius women love their man deeply, but wont compromise her personality or personal space for him. They thrive in supportive relationships where she can truly be her authentic self and need a partner who is willing to embrace her strong personality all while being able to handle all of her.

Being with us can be likea roller coaster with many highs, lows, unexpected twists and seldom cares

about the opinions of society about their significant other; we are proud of our man at all stages of life proving to be a loyal partner and always push you forward in life.

Additionally, we are definitely going to bring the surprise element into our relationships and keep the spark alive. An Aquairus woman‘s expectations from their sigfinicant others are as follows

  1. Love

  2. Loyalty

  3. Support

  4. Personal freedom

Are you an Aquairus woman? If you agree or disagree with anything I referenced about being an Aquarius woman, please leave me a message in the comments and let’s have a conversation about our astrology sign. Thank you for continuing to follow my journey and read my blog, 2022 is going to be full of lit 🔥 podcasts episodes and quality content. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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