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Hello Fashionistas,

Although Super Bowl was three days ago there is still a lot of buzz about the game, halftime show and celebs who attended the big game in the best stadium ever built in Inglewood CA. There is also some controversy attached to such an amazing game and historical moment for both teams playing in the game, which I will get into later in this post because it's just as important as the historical moments that the game entailed.

The Rams knew that if they were going to make it to and win Super Bowl LVI, they needed to manifest a better win now mindset and that all became possible when they ended up exchanging draft picks to gain major names such as Matthew Stafford, Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey which paid off on Sunday Feb 13th when they defeated the Bengals 23-20. The Rams scored the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter a 17-yard pass to Odell Beckham, which of course ended in him doing one of his iconic touchdown celebration dances.

At the top of the third quarter Aaron Donald rushes to the sideline and pushes Joe Burrow out of bounds then, then Bengals offensive line begins to start a fight with him for pushing their QB and I have to admit that I saw something like this happening, because playing in the Super Bowl is the highest honor for any NFL player career and it gets overly competitive and tense.

It was pretty historical that the Bengals got to play in the iconic Super Bowl game, because they haven't been in 30 years and that really made this year one for the NFL history books.

The Rams are a team based on star players, to perform at their best when the stakes are highest and the pressure at its greatest. Those players—Stafford, Kupp, Donald and Miller—rose to the occasion to win the game for them. I was sad that Von was no longer going to be Bronco but seeing him win Super Bowl LVI was my way to still be able root for him. It was amazing to see how many appearances Von made right after the game was amazing.


Performance by Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige. Songs that were performed are as follows:

Next Episode, California Love, In Da Club, Family Affair, No More Pain, Alright, m.A.A.d. city, Forget About Dre, Lose Yourself, and Still D.R.E.

I loved that the head liners of the show were some iconic figures in the music industry and to me it was no surprise that Snoop Dogg was a part of it, because his Youth Football league held their Tournament at Sofi Stadium months ahead of his halftime show, and also, he owns the plaza right across the street which is home to his brand-new clothing store called Snoop Doggs. The store features exclusive Snoop Dogg merchandise, including his custom NHL jersey and unisex merchandise from his wife Shante Broadus’ clothing line as well. Snoop Dogg’s CDs, vinyl's and even a brand-new Super Bowl LVI reversible jacket are available to purchase, along with bucket hats, skull caps and dad hats.

Something that struck me as weird was that Eminem's performance last which barely makes sense when he's performing a song that he is featured in with Dr Dre. Secondly, there was no Super Bowl interviews with Eminem leading up to their halftime performance.

Lastly, it's flowing around online that the NFL told Eminem not to kneel at the end of his performance and additionally it was also rumored online that they weren't aware he was going to kneel so first off which story is correct?

Eminem has a history of doing and saying whatever he feels fits or suites the situation and I know for sure in his music he has mentioned he speaks how he feels when he's sick of something so stop believing everything that was posted online because I worked Super Bowl week at Sofi Stadium and watched him kneel at the end of his performance during every single rehearsal, so they are at least lying about not knowing his plan.

The performance set was amazing and very interestingly made to look like Compton landmarks and that was dope, because it was paying homage to where these iconic artists have come from in life and their careers which was such an LA way to celebrate our first Super Bowl in 29 years, well done NFL.

Congratulations, Rams on your Super Bowl championship 🥳👏🏽 I was happy to see them win regardless of me being a fan of the Broncos, mainly because they traded a draft pick to get my favorite linebacker Von Miller. This Super Bowl win was a great thing for the city of Inglewood it makes local hopeful for more amazing things to unfold, for example that brings more money city as far as tourists and creates more jobs and housing for people in the community.

This helmet was so dope I had to take a phot LOL I doubt these will be easy to find if they are available to purchase because once a team wins a big title like Super Bowl champions those exclusive items sale fast and recurringly. But I can't confirm these are for sale, as you can see this one was on display on a proud department executive's office.

I also thought this was dope as and couldn't leave the office without this photo 💯

My Father-in-law and Husband BBQ 'ed chicken and steak, we also had potato salad, baked beans and mac n cheese. My best friend made really good margaritas again same as she did for my birthday and omg it was super good, strong but definitely good.

Thank you for reading my post and following my journey. It's been a very busy week for me working at Sofi Stadium during Super Bowl week, all the preparing was enhanced with all the NFL people around. I can honestly say this was the best part about working there. Stay blessed and keep God first

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