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Hi Fashionista,

I've been keeping up with all the cute summer styles during my time I took to be with family, and couldn't wait to share everything that I found with all of my fashion dolls. With that said ladies let's get into those styles I cant wait for us to talk about together.

Summer is all about color, so these styles are all about standing out in colorful prints and patterns. This time of year the LA heat calls for lighter or brighter shades to help keep you feeling cooler, but also the type of fabric you wear contributes to that as well. Of course it's ideal to have your feet out in sandals or heels that are open toe, but sometimes summer nights are a bit on the cooler side so pumps are still a summer heel to me LOL.

My favorite two pieces is the multi-colored floral skirt, because of all the different colors and those knotted sandals may be plain but the knot and the style of the design make them unique.

Since I've gotten that flower dress on Mother's day this year I've really been looking for more super cute dresses and these are no exception. I really like standing out and just because summer calls for bright colors doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear neutral colors because that can be just as cute and comfortable. Cute dresses is what summer is all about, wearing something that shows of your nice legs and keeps you feeling cooler and again fabric plays a big part in that, because you don't want to sweat out your favorite dress in the LA heat.

My favorite two pieces from this style board is the white 3D floral dress and the black floral heels, because I really like embellishments that give a style a huge pop and unique look.

This week I will be posting consistently, I've pre-planned some amazing summer content to share with you ladies and I can hardly wait to get into all of that. As always thank you for continuing to follow my journey and read my story here on my blog and I appreciate each and everyone of you for that !. Be sure to follow my blog on Spaces by Wix so that you don't miss any posts. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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