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Hello Fashionistas!,

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my makeup and self care item wish list and this is the perfect time since the summer and gettig close to my wedding anniversary I need some new makeup inspiration right now.

I’m looking to add more summer popping tones and also some browns for sand tones, because I will most likely be wearing pink o my wedding anniversary date with my Husband.


  1. Morphe: 35F Fall into fabulous artistry

If you’ve been a follower of mine for awhile, you know that I love neutral tone eyeshadows and there is no surprise that this one is on my list LOL. Also the maroon/magenta shade is beautiful as well,it gives me plum vibes and I’m definitely a fan of this palette.

2. Morphe: 9M melon pop artistry

This palette just screams for people to stare at you LOL and I definitely really like the vibratance of the bright tones of the colors and the deepness of the darker colors. I’ve really been wanting to add green tones to my makeup collection and in specific I really want hunter green and that reminds me of the military.

3. Naked 3 mini

I definitely need the rest of the Naked palettes to complete my collection, but I want the full size palettes and I will take these smallls one so that I can use them for my photoshoots. Again I’m addicted to a neutral palette.

4. Essence: Dancing green

This is the best palette to help me incorporate green into my current makeup collection and I love the combination of gold, green, brown and silver together in one palette. Hopefully they make a bigger palette with more color combinations that will pop.

5. Essence: Ice baby

Blue and gray are great combinations for makeup and I really enjoy these tones together a lot. This palette gives me winter/Christmas vibes but although they are fairly simple tones there is a lot of makeup looks that will be killer with this palette.

6. Essence: I like to mauve it, mauve it

Skimmery tones are very cute and I really like tat the skimmer makes your eyes pop. My favorite thing about this palette is that all the shades actually could be blended together into one makeup look and be amazing.

7. Colourpop: Lizzie Mcguire what dreams are made of

The colors are so vibrant and eye popping, which is what makes this palette amazing. Also the color scheme is the essence of the 90’s TV show that this palette collborated with and My favorite part about the palette is the original Lizzie Mcguire character on the front of it.

8. Colourpop: Cabana club

These summer vibe tones give me the urge to take a beach vacation and sit on the beach with a strawberry margarita on the rocks with a lemon and mini umbrella in it LOL. All these colors are good to blend together for mixing and matching them, also this color scheme is good to create a natural makeup look as well.

9. Makeup revolution: Neon heat

Of course blue is a summer vibes tone and it represents the blue ocean to me, while the browns/golds are symbolic to the golden sands along the beach shore. It’s a great blend of colors and it’s all you need when you want to have a beach like makeup look.

10. Makeup Revolution: Neon heat limitless

I can’t get enough of these popping vibratent tones ! This palette kind of reminds me of miami sunsets, because there is a lot of purples and pinks that show across the newly night sky in Miami beach. My favorite thing about this palette is that there is so many pink and purple tones to pair together.

  1. BH Cosmetics: Passion in paris

Looks like I finally found a palette with hunter green and this is amazing for me, because I would pair the green with any color on this palette and all the other palettes on this list LOL.

12. Makeup Revolution: Bratz doll collection

Named from left to right Jade doll palette, Yasmin doll palette, Bratz limitless palette and Cloe doll palette. These dolls first came out in 2001 and they were so popular, these palettes bring back my childhood and my favorite thing about this collection is that all the shadows remind me of the Bratz doll collection because their outfits were these colors.

I’m so happy they made a makeup brush set to go with their eyeshadow collection and I will be sure to buy all of these for myself and my bestfriend. It’s essential to get all the collborations with makeup brands and old school cartoons because I can feel like a kid again and show my daughters how to look like them.

13. Juvia’s place: The bronzed rustic and the blushed rose

These browns remind me of Egyptians and it’s beautiful to me that our modern day items link back to historic people. These shades really sybomlize sand and dessert, anything this brand does is awesome and I‘ve still not had a chance to buy anything yet.

These shades remind me of rose gold and jewels, theres something about this brand that screams royalty and these tones mix/ blend well together. My favorite thing about this palette is that the gold is still some what pinkish and rosey, which gives it a skimmery glowing pop.

Colourpop: Lust for dusk and fine feathered

Deep and matte like tones that are symbolic to sand, sunsets and dessert getaways. These are a good match and can really be good paired together with unlikely shades to create a unique unseen look.

My favorite thing about this palette is the roseyness and matchyness of the whole palette. It really does look amazing together and I would love to try this one out.

16. Essense: Don’t stop blooming out in the wild

Not only are the color combinations the best, but the name of the palette is my favorite thing about this palette, because it makes me think about new begininngs and not to give up. The palette is pretty and I really like the two tone pink of the packaging.

17. IT brushes for ULTA: Limited foundation flawless flower brush

This is one of the cutest foundation brushes I’ve ever seen and my favorite thing about is that it’s actually shaped like a rose which within itself is unique and it’s alos pink which is amazing to. I have brushes from the ULTA brand but this one definitely needs to be added to my collection of brushes and makeup.


I’ve been having problems with my skin a lot lately and definitely need to see a dermatoligst, because I believe that I’ve got eyzema on my face in addition to oily and dry skin. So I looked for products that were for my skin type and these are what I found and hopefully these work, because I will be trying these out.

  1. Cetaphil: Daily facial cleanser

I already use this product, but I bought the smallest size and will be getting this size. This does work and it helps reduce redness, well at least for me it does And it does wonders for random breakouts as well.

2. Mario Badescu: facial spray with aloe and rosewater

I’ve still not used this brand yet, but I definitely will be getting on that soon, because I need to switch up my skin care routine and see if adding things may help me get a handle on better controling it. This is a very popular brand for skin care products and I look forward to using it and seeing what this smells like LOL.

3. Elf cosmetics: Hydrating coconut mist

I have used a coconut mist before, it smelled good and I’m not sure if it even worked for me because it was a dollar store brand, plus I rarely used it (still have it). I’ve used makeup products from this brand before and I’m sure it works, but hope that it also works for me because my skin is so sensative.


  1. Pattern Beauty: Jojoba oil hair serum & Argan oil hair serum

This is a brand owned by award wininng actress Tracee Ellis Ross and I love the idea of her having a hair care brand and if I’m not mistaken it’s highly catered towards those with curly hair. It’s essential to have a good haircare routine because like your skin your hair is important and needs to stay healthy as well.

2. Devacurl: Scalp purphy easy rinse exfoliating spray

I’ve just heard of this brand for the first time, but I do want to try this, because I definitely have a dry scalp and need something to help ease that and possibly eliminate it all together. Sulfates come to mind when thinking about itchy and dry scalp, because that does cause you to itch more when that ingredient is in your hair products.

3. Klorane: Oil control shampoo with nettle

I’ve also just learned about this brand recently as well, my hair is oily as well and I definitely need a really good product to help me reduce the oiliness in my hair. I definitely like that it’s organic, but I’m honestly not sure what nettle is LOL so I will need to google that to be sure and need to try this product as well.

4. Tangel teezer: The ultimate detangler brush

Every now and then my hair gets tangled and it’s painful using a regular comb to get out all the tangles, so I really need one of these and it will come in handy for the whole family since we all have long hair in our family. Anything I can do to make combing my hair easier, less painful and in less time will make me happy.

5. Brush lab: The gold standard natural bristle brush

It’s essential that my hair brush is a little on the rough side, because any soft bristle brush wont help slick/lay my hair down good enough. I wear my hair in a bun a lot for work so this brush is exactly what I need and I will be doing research on how to properly clean your hair brush and how often you should do that.

Thank you for reading and for continuing to follow my journey. I’m not to sure why my photos came out blurry and oversized when I posted them, but I did get them online and don’t own the rights to them. Hopefully, you found something on my lists that you like and now will be trying out for the first time and I would love to see what makeup looks you come up with. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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