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Hello Fashionistas!,

It’s good to be back creating blog content, I do want to apologize for the long ass break I have took LOL but I promise yall that my consitency will be routine from this day forward its a work in progress.

LA, is hot as ever and to be completely honest with yall I don’t really want to go out anywhere other than the essential places we go routinely.

But when I do feel like stepping out, I wont let the heat stop me from dressing my best so today that’s what I want to get into, OOTD’s.

When I get invited to someones gathering or cocktail hour, your girl definitely will dress to impress and these outfits can be worn for day parties or nights out.

My husband often tells me not to over dress when we go places, but I’m like what really is over dressing? LOL because if I’m not trying to wear a formal dress to the 4th of July be happy.

I definitely will be wearing dresses and shorts all Summer. I’m definitely looking to buy more sandals because sweaty feet stink and aren’t cute LOL so thats where I am with that.

Although it’s Summer when it gets late enough it does get a little chilly out, but when it comes to wearing makeup in the heat you need the best foundation coverage that’s long lasting.

Best foundations for summer

I don’t normally wear makeup during the summer, so for this I did a little research and found that foundation sticks and liquid foundations are reccommended for summer.

But if you would rather not use foundation during the summer, you can use CC and BB creams instead because they are definitely more lightweight than foundations.

Also, it’s important to know if you have oily, dry or both skin. This also helps you know which makeup is best for you, I always shop at places where there are beauty experts working the floor that can point me in the right direction.

Lately I’ve even been looking at a lot of nail style ideas, which isn’t really me anymore LOL so I know that sooner or later I’m going to come out with some poppin new Fashionista makeover for myself.

Thank you for coming back and following my journey, I definitely have missed creating content here for yall because I love sharing styles and tips that you can can actually use.

Stay tuned for upcoming content and if your not following me on social media I can found at

Fashionistachrystal on IG

FashionistaCT on Twitter

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