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Hello Fashionistas,

I’ve missed blogging and sharing with my fashion dolls, but I had to create a new blog for my new brand without a way to import all my posts from my original blog on Blogger. With that said, I’m happy to have my own custom website and to be able to rebrand myself as a business owner, I have been creating everything myself which has been time consuming, but has been an exciting experience and I will be sure to upload a vlog about my journey.


Dress: Ross

Heels: Ross

Handbag: Kate Spade

Necklace: Daniel’s jewelr’s

This was my Mother’s day gift from my kids and Husband, I love it so much and can’t wait to wear it exactly how it’s pictured here LOL. This would be perfect to wear for a buiness meet clients or even to grab drinks with my girls, I love a cute floral print and this definitely Does it for me.

I will definitely feel elegant and classy when I wear this dress. Since I bought this purse I’ve only wore it twice because it’s designer and I want it to last me a long time. But I will do my best to wear a lot more, because I have a lot of fun things planned for this Summer that I want to carry this handbag for.

I love that it’s a midi style dress and seems like it’s pretty flowly so it shouldn’t make me feel hot. An good blazer, trench coat or even a cute jean jacket would pair great with this look and when it comes to jewelry most of the time I stick to minimal accessories depending on what I feel.

Thank you so much for following my journey and trransitioning into my custom website with me. I can hardly wait to bring you more about my brand within the coming days, but if you happened to miss my promotional info on Intagram you can definitely check out my website here

Keep an eye out for more content coming soon. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think or how you feel about my website switch.

With love, Fashionista Chrystal

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