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Hey Fahionistas!,

Sunday night, award season was in full effect with the MTV VMA’s in Newark New Jersey and I missed the show because I had to work, but I caught up with everything note worthy this morning, so let’s talk about it y’all.

The red carpet was something memorable and there was some questionable outfits LOL but I won‘t get into the specifics of that, because fashion is a statement wheather everyone who is wastching you wear this “bazar“ outfit it’s their expression and obviously it’s what they like or else they wouldn’t be wearing it.

Before I get into who I think is the best dressed from the red carpet, I want to discuss Mrs Nicki Minaj who recieved the Micheal Jackson Vanguard award (lifetime acheivement award)*aplause and yelling* congratulations to you Queen. She is more then worthy to be the recipent of this award and let me remind you all of what it’s awarded for “outstanding contributions and influence on music video and pop culture”.

I’m definitely a Barb, been a huge fan of Nicki Minaj for years tbh I found out about her and her music a lot later then I would’ve liked but damn it I’ve been apart of the Barbz ever since set it off came across on YouTube.

Nicki Minaj Vanguard award recipent

Of course the Queen was dressed to the T, okkk and I really loved everything she wore to the ceremony; she looked amazing and performed some of her career altering hits with a packed crowd of Barbz in attendance. I’m so happy that she has gotten this award and want to share some of her acceptance speech that really stuck out to me and anything Nicki says is worthy to be quoted and admired because she is a phenominal role model. In true fashion icon manner she wore a Dolce and Gabana fusica gown

What I loved about her acceptance speech

One thing about Nicki minaj is, she is going to show love and recognition to those who love and support her in whatever capacity they have. So thanking the people who inspire her “Lil Wayne and Jay Z”, those who gave her huge opportunities “Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyone”. It’s Amazing to have watched her career scale and impact, she definitely is the embodyment of success and happiness. Nicki is really the mf Queen and yall this award validates everything we feel and think about her ! I am so happy she is getting the acknowledgement that not only she deserves but thats over due because of how little she gets mentioned in these types of ceremonies because she is out spoken and doesn’t take shit sitting down she speaks out.

She went on to say something that really is a thought provoking statement, because listening and acknowledgement when dealing with overwhelm can be the essential moment that saves lives. Nicki said “ I wish Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were here. I wish people understood what they meant and were going through, I wish people took mental health seriously”. The Queen wasn’t telling no lies yall we definitely need to take mental health serious, because we are so quick to brush things off as emotional moments or past trauma but never dig deeper to see if it’s a real mental health issue or not.

Not only did she received the most prestigious award of the night, she also won two other awards as well which were the Hip Hop video award for Do we have a problem? And song of the summer for super freaky girl. It has been awhile since Nicki has attended any type of award ceremony like this since she openly announced that she wouldn’t be attending another Grammy awards ceremony or BET awards either because they wouldn’t recognize her impact in the industry. It’s bazzar and fucking offensive to celebrate music and the artists who impact the industry without including Nicki Minaj not only in the conversation but also be nominated for more then one mf category! And celebrated in the way she was at MTV VMA’s 2022.

Her ice blue eye contacts make her look even more exotic then she already does and it blends well with her skin complexion as well. There are different shades of pink being used in her red carpet look and I’m here for that! Everything about this dress inspires me to want and find my own version of it and hop online to share that with yall. Lastly, I would love to know the name of the pink she has in the hair because it’s giving sexy flamingo boss bitch vibes and can even be peachish with the light but noticable organgeish highlights.

I love everything about this gown she wore and those heels to LOL. She really is a fashion icon, always showing up dressed to the T and I’m always here for that! I love me some Nicki Minaj! As always, Nicki is serving all the things and giving us boss barbie in head to toe pink. Secondly, the accessories she wore were modern and chic matching with the gemed embelleshments on the gown. Even her performance outfit was head to toe pink except her black boots that had pink shoe strings; she performed Roman’s revenage, Chun Li, moment for life, beez in the trap, anaconda and super bass.

The Hip Hop Queen last performed at the VMA’s in 2018 and I really enjoyed watching her host the show alongside her co host LL cool J and Jack Harlow. I enjoyed seeing her have fun annoucing the information for each artist in the categories together and you really could notice Nicki was enjoying herself up there surrounded by her Barbs in love, support and happiness. Again, I’m happy to see Nicki win this award and I believe that this is just one thing that is going to turn into something huge, because she hasn’t released any new albums in a few years in 2018.

My favorite color is pink and I really love that she stuck with this color even for her hair/nails, the shimmer and bling of the embelleshments on her two piece set is cute, it’s a bit of a shock that she wore boots instead of sneakers, but it’s cute addition to the outfit. The set she performed in my opinion really are great hits and I’m happy to see her back performing, she is the best performer and everyone enjoys watching her up on stage in her element. Again congratulations Nicki Minaj on all your awards! I’m happy to see that the next person to have recieved this award is you, people have a lot to say about you and even have attempted to stop you from reaching a higher scale of growth in your career as an female rapper.

Red carpet best dressed

Chloe Bailey

This young lady here has a eye for great fashion and always dresses to an T as well whenever given the opportunity to do so. The gown looks like sequins and gshimmery glitter and I love the cutout mesh combination along the corset of the gown. The glittery shimmer is cute on her caramel skin complextion and also this fashion icon can do no wrong with her outfits.

It’s not shocking that she was sexy and had some kind of skin showing LOL but it really does look amazing on her. I enjoy seeing these twins because the amount of effert they put into their outfit planning, because I seek to have similar styles as them as long as It’s not super short crop tops then her no in danger then.



What I loved about her red carpet look is that she didn’t try to go over board with what she wore, she went with a regular style outfit and minimalism always works when you don’t want to do to much with your clothes. The cut outs are cute and her statement piece being the unique purse was an good pair with the look, but I thought that it was a little crazy she was wearing leather when I thought that New York was experencing some hot weather like out here in LA as well so that confused me; Latto looks amazing. I love everything about this Mrs Latto and hope to meet her one day because def want to ask her about that song he was singing in the truck

My best dressed was short, because I kept coming across the same photos of people on the red carpet but needed more like these I already mentioned above. It was a very entertaining show, I’m sure that the ratings were mad high, because Nicki Minaj was there and the fact that she was receiving a very important award. This was a fun post to create, because I was reading articles and watching videos provided that allowed me to catch up with everything and have something noteworthy to talk about during work with my friends.

Thank you for following my journey and coming back for more, it means a lot to me that your a loyal follower of the blog. Nicki Minaj is more then deserving of this award and to me this has been a long time coming, because this award isn’t just for what the recipent does in the music industry, but also their impact outside of their music and stage appearance. Take some fashion risks, wear a cut out dress and stop worrying what others will think about it and stay true to yourself without compromising yourself.

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