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Hello Fashion dolls!,

Last week was my 6 year wedding anniversary and it was a great day, although it was a hot one out here in LA it was beautiful Saturday and we spent the afternoon with the kids, took a walk at the duck pond park together as a family which has become one of my most favorite things to do with my family nowadays.

Just a short insider, marriage isn’t easy but I wouldn’t want to be living life with anybody else but Tony and I’m blessed to have him in my life and to be able to see him be a great Dad to our kids as well. When you find somebody that fulfills your ideal life partner persona you hold them tight and love/treat them right.


Crop top: Sugar Rackz Jeans: Target Sneakers: Vans (brown suede)

Handbag: Louis Vuitton Bracelets: Store is unknown Makeup: L‘oreal and Wet n wild

I was looking good and feeling good, because I put on makeup and some good perfume for my Husband it was a great day. For dinner we cooked at home instead of going out, Hubby made mini crab, salmon with mashed potatoes and stir fry rice it was deliscous !!! He surprised me with the idea the day before and I’m happy to have spent our anniversary this way.

I really like this top and rarely wear it so when I do, I try to bring it with my style ideas 💯 because putting together a neon outfit isn’t easy. I will be posting another blog post about how I came up with my makeup look for this outfit and give you ladies some tips on how to decide what color eyeshadow to pair with neon yellow.

Thank you for coming back and reading/following my journey. Life has a crazy way of reminding me of where I’m supose to be and what I’m suppose to be doing; I say all that to tell you that giving up should never be apart of your story. That was my random though of the day.

Stay blessed and keep God first

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