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Hello Fashion dolls,

I've been taking a much to long break and have some styles I want to share, that I put together on a mood board. All of the looks can be woren for Summer or Fall, but that depends on the fashionista and weather 💯 I personally cant wear something in the cold seasons that has to much skin exposed.

Of course I can bring a cover up or blazer but typically dressing for the weather works best and that includes the type of fabrics we wear as well. This is something I can go over if you guys are interested in this information, let me know in the comments.

I love a good split on a skirt and these looks are giving "thigh vision" LOL (Im here for it!!). Girls night out or concert date, dressing to impress is my super power 💯 I have to research ways to make wearing heels more comfortable so I can share my tips here with you ladies.

Additionally, these would be great looks for an event your attending as well. Of course it depends on the type of event it is before deciding on the level of sexy you aim for with these styles.

My favorite color is pink, which is what inspired these styles 💯 and summer for me gives pink because of the flowers that bloom during this time Peony, Azalea and Chrysanthemum. Mixing and matching different shades of pink in one look just goes together 💯 gold and rose gold are best jewelry to pair.

These styles can be woren for parties or going to see a comedy show. Cute sexy and casualy pink is definitely the way to go LOL any day can become a pink day for me. Statement jewelry is another one of my super powers 💯 I've always woren embelished earrings long and hoops.

Minimalism is a style trend I've had a challenge with wearing, because there is something inside me that just wants to be extra and dress dress up. Additionally, the dress with the black heels is a trending style that I really like and also want in my wardrobe 💯.

These styles can be woren to kareoke night or Sunday brunch. Jewelry always makes or breaks an outfit and these styles only need one major statement piece to accomplish that OOTD goal.

I hope you Fashion dolls enjoyed my post, let me know in the comments what you think about the styles and where you would wear them to. Take fashion risks, life is better through fashion expression. Keep God first 🙌🏽



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