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Hello Fashion dolls,

These photos are from last weekend, but with all thats going on with work and family I forgot to post about it. So today I’m playing catch up and there will be more consistent content this week, please bare with me ladies.


Sneakers: Nike air max (white)

It was a cold fall day and I havent really worn this suit, and since it was cold I figured it was perfect timing

I bought this a few months ago and Idk why this stayed hanging in the closet for that long before I wore it.

It’s very comfortable and not baggy so it fits just your body just the way it should. I like the destressed cuts along the whole suit, also the crop top hoodie was a good mix as well.

I’m waiting for the new sweat suit to come in that I ordered last month and I will be sure to share that here with you.

Thank you for following my journey and coming back to see what else I’m talking about, honestly it means so much to me. Stay blessed and keep God first.

#OOTD #FashionistaSquad #StylenistaSquad


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