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Hello Fashionistas!,

Today I had a few errands to run and I went to pick up my cousin from LAX so today was a everntful day. My Husband bought me both of these two new items shown in these photos today and he surprised me, because he says I deserved something nice since I’ve been working so hard (and so much) lately and I couldn’t agree more LOL.

It’s trending to wear maxi dresses during the summer time and feeling comfortable and cool when it’s this hot in LA is essential. I wanted to do something different and went with a casual shoe instead of something dressy and it was a great choice if I say so myself.


Sneakers: Reeboks

This is a great dress to run errands in on a hot day and even can be a night time outfit if you go out for a girl’s night out. Typically I would wear this with my white sandals but today I wanted to be a little more comfortable and very different so I put on these sneakers instead.

Handbag: Unknown brand I lost the tag

This was a surprise gift from Hubby which I absoulutely love ! It matches my dress and gives my look the pop of color that it needs. My favorite thing about this handbag is that it’s made from vegan leather, which I also lost the tag that says that on it LOL but regardless this handbag is a dream come true.

Makeup: Urban Decay Smoky and Wet n wild Eyeliner: Lo’real in brown black

Today I used the Naked Smoky and Wet n wild palettes for my makeup look today and I think that it came out amazing. I‘ve been doing better with blending my eyeshadow and I improve everytime that I do it, I just want to be able to have good enough skills and keep up with trends.


Today I want to talk about the perfect makeup to wear with a black dress, black gives you a limitless amount of options on makeup colors because it’s so neutral and plain. Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of earth and nude tones when I put on makeup which is a summer trend, but I definitely need to create more pink paired with gold looks ASAP and I will be sure to share that with you when I do.

  1. Smouldering or smoky eyes have endless reasons why it’s a total win to pair with wearing black and you can make it as dressy as you want. You can choose between gray and black to create the smoky look and blend it with a smudger.

2. Earth tones are a more minimal makeup look but it’s still a go to, in my opinion it’s one of the best eyeshadow colors to pair with an black outfit. Gleaming gold tones make your skin give off a glow and a glittery shine, which is exactly what I needed for todays makeup look. (Browns and tan tones)

I don’t wear foundation during the summer time unless I’m going out somewhere nice at night time because there is no reason to sweat out all that pretty makeup off my face LOL.

3. Wearing pink and nude tones on your eyes and lips can elevate your look. Incorporating consistent and similar tones keeps it cohesive. I agree that pink shades and nude tones are great pairs and I especially like them the most when they are with gold as well. Of course pink is my favorite color so I definitely think using this as a pop of color wearing a plain color like black is the best way to stand out.

4. Bold and bright lips for example apple red lipstick paired with minimal eyeshadow is also a great makeup look for wearing black. Highlighter can also be used to give your eyes a glittery shine as well and I’ve never used this trick but will try it when I finally use the free spirit palette pictured below. Brown and gold are my go to’s this summer and I will do better to use pops of summery colors with these LOL.

Makeup brush set: Beauty Creations

I bought this palette and brush set at the mall about a year ago, but still haven’t used either one of them LOL, I’m not even really sure why I haven’t. The palette definitely has everything that I mentioned was the best to pair with a black dress and my second favorite on the whole list after the Urban Decay smoky.

I have fun sharing my fashion styles with you and talking about how I put together the perfect look, thank you for reading and for continuing to follow my journey that I promise you will just keep getting better with time. Lately, I’ve been in the mood to wear makeup because I’ve been working so much lately that I live in my uniform so getting all cute, dressy and wearing makeup has become my weekend routine anytime I have something to do. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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