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Hello Fashionistas,

So this January is world get organized month! And being/staying organized can be challenging both as a parent and entrepreneur, so I’m going to share a few tips and products that help keep me organized in my life and business. Always keep personal and business separate, because it can eliminate any mistakes that could possibly mix up finances and then you would be back at the beginning.

The products used in the photos below are from the following websites: Amazon and Etsy. It’s the beginning of a new year and I still haven’t gotten my 2022 planners, so I have to go looking for some cute ones online. Getting and staying organized is easy once you figure out what methods work the best for you because you will get into a routine of mapping out things and making them happen.

Well ladies, let’s get into the types of products that I use to be organized and get shit done on the terms, details and step that I’ve set out to get done with my goals/lists.


  1. Monthly planner

This is one of the best ways you can keep everything in one place, like I mentioned before it’s important to keep your personal and business related information separate from each other. This year I will need two

planners and budget books as well to keep expenses in separate places as well, because it keeps things the way they are meant to be.

Being a business owner, Wife and Mom there are a lot of to do lists that I need to create and having a book just for that is very useful and makes it easy to keep record of everything together. I love that the title of it is in such big and bold font because it definitely makes checking what the day holds more exciting.

2. Prayer journals

If your anything like me God is an essential priority in life and having a prayer journal is something that helps you along a spiritual journey or even just a good or bad day that calls for prayer. It’s good to reflect back on how you started and what was weighing on your spirit to put out on paper

3. Small business planner

This helps keep every aspect of your business planning in one single place and uses templates on every page which is preset, just write all your ideas onto the pages and watch it all unfold in your business.

These have everything you need to run your business or organize everything in your life. It has a planner, to list, appointment book and notebook in the ultimate planner. If you would rather just have one big book instead of having more then one book for all the different things that you need.


  1. Write it down

Keeping note of things in a to do list will help you keep record of what needs to be done or what has already been finished

You can make to do lists for just about anything nowadays, keep lists for your business separate from those for your personal life

2. Make schedules and set deadlines

Knowing the amount of time you antcipate to take getting something done or making something happen is important to acheive them and can help improve your confidence in your abilities

Having deadlines makes checking off all the tasks from your to do list even more benfical, because you put in the work to get things done and will see the positive results when your done

3. Give everything a designated spot

You can keep anything organized if you keep it in it’s proper place. Don’t let your spaces get cluttered move things or throw it away to keep up the neatness you want. Be sure to get rid of anything you no longer want or need in a effort to limit repeating cluttered habits, because having a routine will help with longivity of your organization skills.

By givng everything a proper spot can include storage baskets, magazine organizer, binders and folders. Having somewhere to put imortant information is essential to keep everything in your life organized, because having your stuff neat can motivate you even more to accomplish all the goals you have set.

4. Don’t slow down or give up

If you procrastinate on even one task your motivation to get the rest done begins to decrease and then you eventually just stop all together. Once you feel like your about to give up, take a 15 minute break and clear your head, maybe listen to so calming music or any song that helps you destress.

Keeping your confidence and momentum is important if you intend to make yourself proud and actually get everything done you wanted to on your home to do list or reached all your goals in your business. I also believe that you should reward yourself when you reach a goal or get something important done, so then the need to make things happen grows even more.

Thank you for reading and continuing to come back for more. Stay blessed and keep God first

#GetOrganized #TipsForOrganization #WriteEverythingOut


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