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Hello Fashionistas !!,

I mentioned in episode #49 on The Savage Lifestyle Podcast that I enrolled in a VSEDC program that had a pitch competition. So today I wanted to discuss a little about that journey and share my experience about that day as well and you will get to see who the winners are.

I wore this glittery shiny cutout jumpsuit from my upcoming clothing collection from Savage Fashionista Styling that will be launching later this year. This whole look made me feel super confident, because I felt good on top of looking good LOL, It was a wonderful day finally got to meet everyone in person for the first time (although not everyone was able to show up)

A handful of CEO's were asked to be interviewed for a short video that was going to be shown during the beginning of the ceremony and although I had to edit it to shorten the duration time I will try and find a way to share the whole thing with you guys (if not sorry lol)

Winning was so surreal to me, because I was happy to have been able to participate at all in this program and enjoyed myself that day and ate vegan chicken wings and vegan ranch which was super fucking good by the way LOL I just don't remember what the restaurant was called which was actually a food truck from what the staff was saying.

Everyone at VSEDC was super nice, knowledgeable, informative and very supportive of all the CEO's. It felt very much like a tiny family there which I really enjoyed because like I mentioned in my interview I'm shy about my business or at least was when I began this program.

This pitch competition was just the validation I needed to remind myself to keep pushing and moving with intention, because things aren't meant to be easy but the fight makes those milestones just that more sweeter!. 2023 is my manifestation season and I'm going full speed into my beast mode LOL.

As always thank you so much for continuing to follow my journey and being interested in what I have to say. Something 2022 taught me was that no matter the blank canvas when I have my mind set on accomplishing a goal timing isn't important it's the work and action steps that make the hugest footprints. Take risks, get out of your comfort zone and do things that typically make you so uncomfortable you pass up that opportunity out of fear. Stay blessed and keep God first

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