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Hello Fashionistas,

Last night, I went out for a well over due girls night out with my Mom and 7 year old daughter. We enjoyed each other’s company, shared some laughs and ate some good food plus my Mom and I drank some maragritas I hade a strawberry, Mom had a presidente (regular) maragrita. After we ate we went shopping as well, Nevaeh needed some shoes and of course she convinced my mom to buy her a pop it toy

(if your a Mom I’m sure you know what those are💯).

Like I‘ve mentioned before, I do work a lot so I spend most of my spare time with my family at home and was excited when my Mom invited us out for dinner. Of course, I love to dress up and I knew we would be walking around in the store so I had to wear sneakers instead of heels like I wanted. I was going to do my makeup but was a bit busy through out the afternoon so by the time I finished there wasn’t much time to.


Necklace: Brand unknown / Earrings: Brand unknown

I wanted to have minimial jewelry to keep the focus on the outfit itself and made it work. Definitely want to find different ways to style this blouse in future outfits I may come up with, because I don’t wear it often and when I do it’s going to look good hopefully LOL.

Blouse: Swap meet / Jeans: Sugar Rackz / Purse: dd’s discount (brand unknown) / Glasses: Swap meet

Shoes: Suede vans

This was definitely a very cute outfit, but I cant wait until the weather heats up more so that I can show you what crop top I had underneath in a whole other outfit style. I felt so confident and cute in this outfit that I had to shoot a mini photoshoot to share this look her with all of my fashion dolls.

Blazer: Xehar (leather)

I’ve had this blazer for a few years and use to be a brand anbassador of the brand I bought it from, but now the owner has shut down the clothing brand and moved into a different business path. Lastly, I’m happy that I was able to buy some items from the brand years before it shut down because they can be classic pieces now.

I ordered an appeitizer platter and yall tell me why it came at the same time as our entrees did LOL but because I still ate a little bit of both plates; I always seem to either get the chicken/shrimp fajita meal or the canjun chicken/shrimp pasta when I eat at Chili’s, but this time I really needed to have that maragrita as well.

Thank you for following my journey and continuing to see what amazing fashion and lifestyle stuff that I share. This month is about to be very amazing full of announcements and launches that you wont want to miss so if you want to stay updated with my content please follow me on Instagram here or Facebook

Stay blessed and keep God first.

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