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Hello Fashionistas!,

Yesterday I shared my neon style for my anniversary outfit and wanted to share with you what was the best makeup to pair with that very boldly bright color of the season. So today I went on a google search for some looks some MUA’s have created and wanted to share my thoughts on those here with you ladies. It’s obvious that yellow is dubbed the color of the season it’s all over goggle when I looed for these trends.

Now I don’t own the rights to these photos I’m going to use in this post and will be sharing with those images where I found them to be clear on who is the entity that posted the image online. Now I’m excited to be sharing this today, because I haven’t really talked about makeup in awhile and this kind of makes me want to go on a makeup shopping haul but it doesn’t matter what brand LOL 💯

Makeup colors to pair with neon yellow

When thinking about what colors could go with something so boldly bright like neon yellow, you should stay with warm colors since yellow is such a challenging color to pair things with.

Colors to use are as follows

  • Bronze

  • Gold

  • Chocolate brown

  • Soft shimmery green

  • Red

  1. Pinterest 2. Pinterest 3. YouTube

An smoky eye would also be complimentary with your makeup look as well, and if your anything like me you need practice with your technique no worries I found a chart or diagram for that LOL (which ever it’s called).

Image from

If your a lipstick or lip gloss kind of gal then, also like the eye shadow stick to warm tones such as the following colors

  • Bronze

  • Apricot

  • Cinnamon

I forgot to take a photo of my makeup with my neon style but next time I wear that shirt then I will make sure to take one, because it was so cute IDK how I was even able to forget. I forgot that I had a yellow eyeshadow in my makeup collection and found it when I wa taking out my brown palettes so it definitely was a game changer for that makeup look.

Best makeup palettes to creat these looks

Now this is my list of palettes I believe are the best to use when putting together a look for neon yellow, but if you find or know of any others that weren’t listed please share in the comments what those are.

  1. Urban decay Naked honey

  2. Juvia’s place The warrior

  3. Huda beauty naughty nude

  4. Colourpop uh huh honey

  5. James Charles palette

  6. Colourpop juicy fruit

  7. Juvia’s place festival

Thank you for continuing to follow my journey and coming to see what I’m up to. It’s been a whole year since I’ve bought any makeup but I’ve got some stuff coming up within the next few months that may change that LOL. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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