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Hello Fashion dolls !

Sticking to a specific trend isn’t really for me, don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything wrong with dressing on trend but honestly I don’t like to look or dress like someone else and therefore I create my own trendy styles. Have you ever went out somewhere and saw someone wearing the same exact outfit as you in the same color? That happened to me twice and this was in high school LOL but it has stuck with me ever since, because I’ve always stood out in a crowd with my out going personality and my clothing shouldn’t be any different then that LOL.

I’m still attempting to incorporate different colors that typically I dont wear, because I’m a woman of routine and stick with the same color palette. There isn’t one of these looks that I can call my favorite that’s very challenging to say, because all of them are so cute and stylish.

Honestly there are a lot of different gatherings or events that I would wear these to and depending on my mood I might switch the heels with sandals or flats and sneakers, because it’s more comfortable and still will give off the image you want.

I always wear some type of skin hugging under clothes whenever I wear shorts or skirts and even rompers to keep certain body parts from hanging out that shouldn’t, additionally it makes feel more comfortable in it. After I bought my Kate Spade bag I’ve noticed that I’m way more into handbags, not that I wasn’t before this just made it more intensified and I will be lookin for a new handbag which also will be pink LOL.


I really love gold jewelry to be paired with the following color palette

  • Pink

  • Brown

  • Red

  • Hunter green

  • Burgundy/maroon

Also I like silver jewelry to be paired with the following color palette

  • Purple

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Black

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a new style to go shopping for LOL, also as always thank you for

continuing to follow my journey and taking the time to read what I share with you ladies here. Keep an eye out for up coming posts and some surprises that I won’t mention yet, if you want to know more about that without missing any announcements make sure you follow me on social media To be updated first.

Keep God first and stay blessed.

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