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Hey Fashionistas!,

I have missed being here sharing and will be working on more content exclusive to the blog. It's crazy that the end of 2022 is already damn near here now and time in the covid pandemic went by so quickly it's sort of mind blowing that it's already over! But with that said I am happy to see this year come to a end so that I can look forward to the future ahead and close the chapter of 2022. Of course there has been plenty of happiness and goal smashing this year there has also been some things that I look forward to leaving where they belong LOL if you follow me on Instagram (@fshionistachrystal) you have seen the chaos unfold right there.

Styling for the Holidays

I feel like every year I'm going to say that sparkle never goes out of style for the Holidays ! but that statement still stands. For Holiday style it's easy to get carried away, because that's the one time we know we need to look the absolute best ever and then we tend to over dress LOL. One thing about me is I want to go all out with my outfit for the Holidays, but sometimes I just settle for heels with whatever I end up wearing LOL but this year I want to dress the fuck up! I really have been wanting to dress up lately so this is my chance for doing that big time.

Holidays 2022 is very different from last year, because it's safer to hold a family gathering and as you see from my style board I definitely am in the mood to dress up. For me there isn't one color fits the Holiday season even though most people associate the colors green and red to Christmas since that's what is shown to us hell from the beginning of time I assume. I just wear whatever color I'm in the mood for really, but the colors that I associate with the Holidays are

  • Browns

  • Hunter green

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Deep shades of purple

  • Deep shades of pink

I am a woman who loves heels, I use to own so many pairs LOL but my collection has sense shrunk a lot so once I am able to add some new one y'all let me tell you I am going to go crazy! The outfits, dresses and heels I added to my style board is a reflection of my personal style. The era that I'm evolving into calls for sophistication and classy chic when it comes to fancy dressing styles and this definitely is one side of my personal style that I for sure want.

Lets talk NYE partying

Be careful out here, don't drink and drive. Also please don't take ride share alone drunk always have someone with you it's dangerous just riding in Uber or Lyft nowadays.

I'm going to just have something small here at home with my family and best friend, because I don't really do the whole partying thing for NYE because it's always a crazy time of the year to be partying and very crowded. Everyone is outside and finding some fun way to celebrate the new year.

Any of the outfits from the style board would be good to wear when you attend a party or event dinner, because you will for sure be one of the most stylish people there. I hope that you ladies enjoyed these Holiday style ideas and I look forward to seeing all of your Christmas looks next week. I still have no idea what I'm going to wear and I have little time to go buy something new, because stores are freaking packed right now with last minute shoppers and I would probably end up leaving without buying anything if the line was to long.

Thank you for coming back, reading my shares and following my journey. Without all of you none of this would be possible, so it definitely means a lot that you are loyal to my content.

I look forward to taking time to celebrate the end of the year with family and friends, I hope you all have a safe and blessed Holidays. Take risks and always be you, stay blessed and keep God first

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