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Hello Fashion dolls,

With the Holidays right around the corner I wanted to make sure I shared my annual gift guide. This year with the COVID pandemic still apart of our world our gift list has only slightly changed but there is a little bit of everything here that you may have been looking for or can help with whatever idea you were trying to put together.

I'm happy to be doing my gift guide again this year but I will be doing something a little different this year then I've done any other time. I have put together a second gifting guide that I will be sharing later this week that is for pets and it will be fun to do for the first time.

New Gifting Guide

Sometimes it's challenging finding the perfect gift but I am going to be sharing some of the top anticipated gifts of 2021 Holiday season. I hope that you find something off your list but if not I hope this has given you some ideas about what to look for when you go shopping.

I enjoy Holiday shopping and even last minute shopping LOL but for the past two years we have chosen to shop online and this year is going to be the same experience but I want to go in store as well so we will see how that goes LOL I will be sure to capture the moment to share with all of you here.

  1. Apple watch band

  2. Nintendo switch game

  3. Ring light/selfie stick

  4. Xbox One X series decal stickers

  5. MacBook pro 13 inch

I have been looking for a good apple watch bands to replace the black ones I've been using and this one would be on my wrist all the time.

My kids really like Ryan whom is a child YouTube star and so I want them to have this as their gift. They even watch his TV show called Ryan's mystery playdate.

Ring lights are essential when wanting to take quality photos whether that for business or just personal and it doubles as a selfie stick with a blue tooth remote.

A MacBook pro is a good laptop and would be a good fit for anyone who does a lot of work at home or even for a student.

Gamers want to customize and personalize their game systems so these decal stickers would be an amazing addition.

  1. Himalayan pink salt exfoliating scrub

  2. Bitch you got this candle

  3. Necklace pendant

  4. relaxation pyramid

  5. Lavender gift basket

Anyone who has experienced higher levels of stress lately would really benefit from these items because relaxation is important and essential to good health and mental health. I'm not sure how effective a success and relaxation pyramid is but the up side to it not working would be that it's cute enough to be a home décor item.

The necklace pendant is a lovely addition to any women's collection and finding the perfect necklace to match it will be a breeze.

  1. Computer dust magnet

  2. Wifi dash cam

  3. Laptop stand

  4. Cheese board

  5. Document scanner

  6. Wallet/money clip

Dash cam's are a great gift for many reasons, but the main thing is for protecting you and those around you in case of a unexpected emergency or car accidents.

If you love hosting parties and having book club meetings at home then this cheese board is just what you need in order for you to be the hostess with the most amazing dine wear.

Document scanners come in handy not just for small business owners but anyone who handles bills or personal business on their laptops to keep all needed documents safe on a computer.

Toys shown above are for kids ages 0-7 years old, kids are the easiest to shop for because they are happy with getting something with their favorite characters or video games.

The items shown below include something for teens as well, but the VR system would be a great fit for people of all ages because there are a variety of different games that you can play.

Gaming headphones are great for gamers when they are playing with a team online and neec to communicate with them during a match.

USB microphone is good for PC gamers and podcasters a like because it's a great audio tool that will give better quality content regardless of what your using it for

We still aren't sure if we want to cook our own meal or just go to our parents house for dinner instead, but at least I have my gifts all figure out early so there wont be any delays on ordering. At the end of every year we always talk about how fast the year has gone and where did all that time go LOL but this year that really has a whole new meaning.

Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful to you for your Holiday shopping, stay blessed and keep God first.

#GiftingGuide2021 #BestGiftsEver #HolidaySeason #FashionistaSquad #StylenistaSquad

Fashionista Chrystal 💋💕

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