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Hey Fashion dolls,

The release of this movie has truly been so amazing, because for the first time Ariel is played by a black woman and I've enjoyed seeing all the love and support that Halle has gotten from cast members, from fans and also other celebrities. One thing that has stuck with me is when the little girl saw Halle at Disneyland and walked right up to her holding onto her so tight she didn't want to let her go, that was one of the sweetest moments about this new film for me.

For the record Halle has been talented before she was casted in this live action film, lets not forget that she was on the TV series Blackish and then was signed to Beyonce's label along with her sister Chloe after she seen their video singing her song "pretty hurts". Her voice is beautiful and breathtaking, it was refreshing to hear "apart of that world" covered so sweetly. There's a lot of talk surrounding this and I am just so proud of Halle and the way she has presented herself during the press tour before the release of her new film The little mermaid.

Some quotes from Halle

“As a Black person, you just expect it and it’s not really a shock anymore,” “I know people are like, ‘It’s not about race.’ But now that I’m her people don’t understand that when you’re black there’s this whole other community. It’s so important for us to see ourselves.”

“The fact that I get to represent all of these little young Black and brown boys and girls who are to come is really special to me because I know that if I had that when I was younger, it would have changed my whole perspective on life.”

I feel that it's important for everyone to be seen and having a black actress as such an iconic role as Ariel really has impacted little black girls and to be honest even the mothers, aunties, uncles and dads as well. There aren't many characters who are black or brown in movies/TV so yes it's a big deal, but it's to be expected that some would find an issue with it and those folks can stay mad ! nothing they say can take away the fact that Halle is the new Ariel 💯

Halle's red carpet premiere styles

  1. Mexico premiere: Georges Chakra

  2. LA premiere: Valdrin Sahiti

This young actress is a fashion icon, I really love the gowns she wore for the premiere's and it was on theme with each gown embodying a mermaid and the sea. I love the silhouette, she just truly looks lovely and super elegant.

Halle truly is a remarkable young woman, she is humble and graceful. It's amazing to see the way she is growing into this even more impactful and empowering way than before.

  1. Sydney premiere: Miss Sohee

  2. Piece London: Miss Sohee

Looking elegant, stunning and sophisticated, and again I love that these gowns were designed to embody her character. The way they her hairstylist can style her 20 inch locks in several different ways is also amazing, because the way Halle styles it has been a statement as well.

The color choices of her gowns and the embellishments are just so breathtaking and the way it fits her and she definitely dressed for her skin tone/body type correctly is just great. I love everything about fashion and one of my favorites has always been red carpet 💯 and Halle did not disappoint.

Halle's Disney performance gown

Michael Fausto

Good morning America

The little mermaid merchandise

I definitely will being buying me, my daughter and step daughter some stuff and I still need to take them to see the movie. I can hardly wait to see their reaction when we go.

Thank you for reading and following my blog journey. I am outspoken and proud of it ! Don't dim your light to please anyone. The main empowering thing about Halle being casted in this film was that she didn't once allow anything negative to effect her because she didn't read any of the comments and that's something we all can learn from; staying away from the haters is a trying task but being tunnel minded on the bigger picture definitely deflects that for you.

Take fashion risks, I bought an outfit this week and can hardly wait to wear it so that I can share my photos with y'all. Stay blessed and keep God first.

#RepresentationMatters #FashionIcon #FashionistaSquad #StylenistaSquad


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