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Hello Fashionistas!

So, I've been busy putting together some projects for my brand and this past weekend I decided that it was time to finally do my first brand photoshoot. I am so excited to be sharing these images with you and I look forward to shooting another one very soon, and I'm eager to see how those images will come out next, since my first ones were amazingly shot and of great quality.

What amazing photoshoot this was and I'm even more excited that I was able to get my photos back right in time for Womens history month, it's an honor to be launching my first brand images during such an amazing celebration that remind ourselves of the often overlooked and not given enough airtime accomplishments and impact of women throughout the years to our culture and society. It's a chance to reflect on the trailblazing women who lead the way for change.

Dress: Xehar / Shoes: Guess / Purse: Kate Spade / Hair by me

At first, I was a little bit nervous to be shooting in this location, because everyone passing by could see what I was doing but it was a nice day to be filming outdoors and I threw on some music to get me to loosen up a bit when shooting the photos.

I'm good at taking cute selfies for social media, but doing an actual photo is fairly new to me and as a business owner I will need to get used to shoot full photos with a professional camera and not just face shots with my iPhone.

I decided to do my hair in a long "Rapunzel" style braid, because I wanted to have my hair done nicer than usual since this was a real photoshoot. Also having my hair done always helps pump up my confidence level because 90% of looking good is feeling good about how you look LOL. I am not a cosmologist, but it wasn't very challenging to add the hair to mine.

#RapunzelVibes #ItsGivingBossbabe #SmizingIsEverything

Being able to shoot this was fun once I got over my nerves. This is definitely something that I'm going to enjoy doing as a business owner, because it showcases my brand (me) and lastly because showcasing confidence in photos is helping me manifest a stronger mindset both in my life and my business.

A lot of my personality shows in these photos, although I'm attempting to smize and not smile in all of these photos. Posing use to always be a challenge for me and at times still is, but there was something about this day that made it just come easy and I was being directed by my photographer friend on how to stand cute, sexy but firm in my poses.

When doing a brand photoshoot always remember to be yourself and have fun, because if you keep feeling nervous or fear it's going to show on camera in your facial expressions.

It's challenging to focus on what you're doing during a photoshoot with passer byes watching you and trying to figure out why you're filming yourself there.

My confidence in my poses became more elevated as we kept shooting and all of these photos were my shared favorites with the photographer, big shout out to you for making this happen on such short notice and most importantly thank you for capturing such amazing photos for me; I can hardly wait to see what awesome photo magic we create together.

Thank you all for continuing to follow my journey, this has been such a roller coaster over the years blogging and I am appreciative of all of you for being a part of that ride with me. There is so much coming up within the next few months that I want to share with you and can hardly wait to tell you about it but keep a look out on social media for those updates and those announcements. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the links are on my website.

#BrandPhotoshoot #ConfidenceIsEverything #FashionistaSquad #StylenistaSquad


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