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Hello Fashion dolls,

Me and my family went to visit one of my friends that I haven’t seen in a long time and it was good to get out, see my friend and her three kids, additionally I was happy to introduce my new best friend to my life long bestfriend to each other for the first time ever💯.

Since I basically live in my work uniform at SOFI when I went to visit my friend honey I had to dress and show out ! You know how I do on my days off LOL.


It was a hot day and I wasn’t going to be uncomfortable visiting her, because I knew we would be staying over for a few hours. This time I didn’t wear any makeup but I kinda wish that I would’ve to be honest.

Romper: Ross Handbag: dd’s discount (vegan leather) Sneakers: Vans (suede)

My hair was messed up from going to get some breakfast 🤣 but I was feeling cute that day so I didn’t care to fix it at all. After we left my friend‘s hous we went out to lunch at a local burger joint near by and it was like my childhood all over again, because we were in Downey CA.

Nevaeh dress: Ross Tone 2 piece set: Ross

My daughter loves wearing cute flowy dresses and is happy that her birthday is during the summer so she gets to wear them and get some as gifts, it’s a win win for her because she is one stylish little girl LOL (she’s wearing a dress she got for her birthday). Tone is easy to dress is get him a matching set and boom he’s ready to go, boys are much easier to dress at times because their outfits are very simple and varsitile.

With Summer coming to an end I’m not sure what the weather is going to be like moving forward this year, but I will keep styling my look according to weather and how I feel in that moment. (Which is something I’ve always done) it’s important to me that I stay true to myself when I decide what to wear when I go out.

Thank you so much for continuing to visit my blog and follow my journey, this entrepreneuer transition has proven to be challenging but I‘m happy with the current flow and outcome of my business/message that I’ve devleoped. Stay blessed and keep God first

#OOTD #FamilyDayOut #FashionistaSquad #StylenistaSquad


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