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Hello Fashionistas,

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and with all the restrictions being lifted in California there is so many different things we wanted to do for Nevaeh that we couldn’t do for her last year with the business closures. We decided to take her to the Santa Monica pier to ride the rides and walk on the beach for the day, it was the first time we had taken the kids to the beach so they had the time of their life in the ocean together.


It was a beautiful Saturday (7/17/21) my big girl was so happy to be at the beach and so was my big boy Tone, we had so much fun riding the rides together and it was one of the best family days out ever! It’s crazy how time flies by the way that it does at times it’s kinda overwhelming but it’s days like this that make it all worth going through to see the people I love the most happy.

This kid ran infront of my camera and I didn’t realize that I didn’t get the whole writting in the sand, but it does say Nevaeh 7th bday infront of her. The water was cold at first but as time went by it got warmer and we were just playing in the ocean together, it was a great day with my family and best friend.


*Nevaeh sandals: Bebe *My sandals: Boomy apparel *My purse: Rampage *My makeup: La colors, Lo’real

This is my bestfriend and having her there was amazing we had so much fun laughed and talked the day away LOL, and anybody who knows anything about me knows that family is important to me and Danielle is apart of this family. #BeachTimeShanagains #BeachStyling

We were driving to the pier parking lot and this is what I had to capture the happiness on there little faces, the glare on my screen prevented me from noticing that Danielle’s face was cut off LOL oops sorry girl.

It was very crowded at the pier yesterday, but we found parking in the main pier parking lot which was convienent for us, but even that was packed. #SummerTimeChronicles #FamilyIsEverything

Their first time to the beach was a success and we cant wait to do this again. I would definitely recommend that you take your family here for a day out together, it’s so much fun riding the rides with the kids, standing in the water and enjoying each other company. A big shout out And thanks to Danielle for spending the day with us and celebrating my big girl turning 7 years old yesterday, it was in Nevaeh’s own words “The best day of my life!” and “The best birthday ever!”.

My son Tone was happy to be in the sand and this is one of my favorite pictures of the day seeing them together walking across the sand for my kids first time at the beach ever! This really was a good day for us. Yes my Husband is walking in the sand in his fresh Jordan’s but for him this was a must do LOL he just washed them when we got home and was fine with that. #DadAndSon #BeachKindaDay

Thank you for reading about our day and I urge you to go out and create a fun family day out for you family this summer. Also, thank you for continuing to follow my journey and there will be more content coming soon so be on the look out for that soon. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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