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Hello fashion dolls!,

Although here in Cali it’s still pretty hot in the 80’s, it’s finally sweater season (suppose to be) and I couldn’t be more excited for this time of year then now, because I’m going to get the opportunity to attend some events and network. Today is all about what to wear during sweater season and I have put together some looks that I know you all will enjoy, also I hopw to inspire your upcoming Fall styles since that is the title of today’s topic LOL.

This year when I attend these fashion events I plan to dress to impress, because I want to make the best impression on those that I’m attempting to network with and potentailly collaberate/work with in the future.

Of course this is the time for me to show off what I can do as fas as fashion is concerned, also make noise for my business so that people will know about what I’m doing.


Typically when we transition from Summer to Fall that means we swap out the pretty brights for darker shades such as: Navy, Khaki green and burgundy. But this year vibrant shades reign! The best way to capture this trend is to mix and match very unlikely colors together; combinations like peachy organge and bright blue or bubblegum pink and marigold.

Printed pants (trousers) and jeans in animal prints, florals and patterns these are fun to be paired with other vibrant prints or go simple and let them steal the look with a plain black, white or gray top; maybe even brown or tan. I also want some cute new printed pants, but it doesn’t matter if they are jeans or trousers.

I mistakenly put the wrong season on my look collage, LOL so please ignore my typo it wouldn’t let me change once I published the post.

90’s revival has already been enjoying a return to popularity for A few years now. This year it’s all about wearing these staple looks from head to toe. You can pair the following things together to pull off the perfect look

  • Sheath dress with tall square toe boots

  • Pleated skirt with a sweater vest

These will always be fall staple items, because it’s cold and windy during this time of the year “typically”. This is one of my favorite times to wear hats, so this year I’m going to incorporate hats into my Fall looks and share them here with you. I hope to find a new vest to add to my collection, because I just have one nice suede khaky brown one that I’ve had for a few years now and definitely want to get something new to.

I like a good/cute blazer and I own 3 that are really good, that also I’ve had for a few years now that I love

(one is leather). It’s time for me to get some new blazers and look forward to finding some that like these are colorful and unique, because plain is traditional I love standing out.

Thank you so much for following my journey and continuing to see what I’ve got to say nowadays, because I’m very passionate about creating the best content for my readers. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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