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Hello Fashionistas,

Knowing the right fabric to wear for the weather is important and protects your clothing from sweat and deodorant stains LOL. Here I want to discuss the types of clothing fabrics to wear in both hot and cold weather. This can help you to decide what the best OOTD will be, because it will be the most comfortable (in reference to weather).

Summer heat and humidity were at some record-breaking highs and heat advisories worldwide. It's essential to wear fabrics from this list when your going to be spending time outside in the heat.

Additionally, the colors you wear are also important, follow the following color fabric chart for hot & humid weather:

  1. White

  2. Khaki (beige)

  3. Yellow

  4. Fuchsia

  5. Turquoise

  6. Pastel shades

(Stay away from wearing dark colored clothing)

This season is one of my favorites, because of going to the beach, pretty flowers blooming, finally wear my cute dresses and rompers. I always wear crop tops when the weather gets hotter, because for one it's half a shirt LOL so it definitely is breathable.

When the weather begins to cool down and windy, it's time to switch up the types of clothing fabrics we wear. To stay warm many clothing materials are paired together for the item to keep you warmer.

If your a person who is prone to sweat more than most people, please follow the following chart for the hottest warm fabrics:

  1. Denim: Because it's a heavier fabric and isn't stretchy

  2. Nylon: Can cause chaffing, has low breathability and holds onto odors

  3. Spandex: Is woven tightly, which cause it to fit snuggly over your body (causing heat)

  4. Polyester: Although stain-resistent, it will hold your sweat all day

Additionally, add warmth to your wardrobe with colors and shades that help you stay warmer. Follow the following fabric warmth color chart:

  1. Warm tones: Greens, golden yellows, orange-red and golden browns

  2. Neutrals: Cream, all shades of gray and black

  3. Dark purple: Mauve, Aubergine and Lilac

  4. Dark pinks: Magenta, Rose and Orchid

(Stay away from wearing neon colors, to bright)

My favorite part about this season is, that I can layer sweaters/hoodies with jackets or vests. Additionally, I really like wearing boots with jeans knee highs or thigh highs I am here for it. When the weather gets colder, I tend to wear my hats with my styles and this year I will attempt a new trend pairing a fitted or snap back hat with a dressy style.

Secondly, I want to attempt wearing a dressy skirt, graphic tee and wear dope sneakers. This is a style that is cute, versatile and fashionable; seen across social media by fashion content creators.

Thank you for following my journey and tuning into see what I have to say & share. There will be some good OOTD post coming your way soon, keep an 👀 for that all week long. If you would like me to share an OOTD inspired by the best fabrics to wear for hot and cold weather let me know in the comments. Take fashion risks and keep God first.

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