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Hello fashionistas!,

I don't get to really spend one on one time with my Dad where we are doing something fun together and I was so happy to get us some good seats at the July 10th Dodger's game. There has been so much going on in life that it was time for me to take my Dad out and have a good time and today I want/need to share this with all of you.

My Dad is 66 years old and loves sports, which is the reason why I love sports as well LOL and it only makes sense that we would go to a baseball game together to bond alone. I haven't seen my Dad that happy in a long time and it made me smile just watching him in his element cheering and hopping up during a good play on the field.

Jersey: Mookie Betts

Shorts: Ross

Shoes: Nike Air Maxx

We wore matching jerseys and that was like the cutest thing ever LOL and my Dad is a true die hard Dodger's fan, we have been going to games together ever since I was a kid, but this was the first time we went just the two of us.

This was a cool ice cream truck, Dad was like "I have to get a picture in that bad baby" I just cracked up laughing and he says "You have to agree it's a bad ass truck" omg he was really had the time of his life and he ate great LOL.

Food: Pepperoni pizza, artichoke dip, sprite and caramel ice coffee

We had the best seats I could ever imagine having, Left field pavilion and the view was amazing ! It was breath taking how close to the players practice we were. We had seats in left field pavilion and the vibes from the other fans was family oriented and friendly, it was a great time. We made friends with two couples sitting near us, talked to them basically the whole time LOL and I really enjoyed the service staff in the green shirts they were amazingly helpful, respectful and friendly.

Thank you for reading my posts and always coming back, this was a busy weekend for me last week and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Hopefully I have inspired you to take your parents on a solo date night somewhere you've been meaning to take them. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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