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Hello Fashion dolls!,

Tomrrow is my birthday and typically I dont really get excited about celebrating it, but this year its a lot different 💯 because I’m excited to be having a gathering with my friends, filming a live podcast episode and having a good time. I’m going to make sure to share everything from my party here in a post so make sure you keep an eye out for that content. I’ve been waiting to be able to host a girl’s night gathering and what better time then my birthday, so I’m going to share with you guys everything I have in mind to do.


This I put together on an app that I really enjoy using called ShopLook and it’s also a shopable product.

I typically dont get a chance to be dressed up, because of working a lot of events and also the pandemic took the enjoyment of going out with your friends and giving you social anxiety, because a lot of people are getting sick and catching COVID-19. So I’m taking my time back from this time stealing pandemic and having my girlfriends come over and have a good time together, drink some wine and laugh our asses off.


When deciding what I might want for my birthday, I kept in mind that there is a lot that is different about the way I spend my spare time and this is what I came up with from things I have on my Amazon lists right now.

Anybody who truly knows me, will tell you that I loveeeeeeee The Walking Dead and am a huge fan of damn near all really good zombie movies ever released LOL 💯. I spend a lot of time chilling at home on my days off from work so when I take time to do something other then work, I enjoy a good Netflix and chill session solo or with my family.

I’ve been looking for a new case for my phone so that I can better carry my iPhone at work instead of having in my pocket. This cute case has a chain to carry it like a ”purse” with a pocket for debit cards and cash and thats exactly what I’ve been needing to have and carrying routinely for convience.

Getting back on my fitness journey so I definitely need something to help teach me yoga techniques, because I want to get back into doing that as a form of exercise. This 50 poses and meditations for mind body and soul is going to guide me into the right direction on my yoga practices, along side me using a YouTube yoga workout video as an resource to my routine.

Finding the perfect pillow has proven to be challenging, because everything you do find are either expensive or always manages to get flat only in the places you lay your head on the most during extended use of it. I want these bamboo pillows because they are filled with memory foam shreds and will benefit me by adjusting to my neck alignment giving you the healthiest position to sleep in wheather you sleep on your back, stomache or sides.

Thank you for reading and keep a 👀 for the rest of my birthday content coming this weekend. Stay blessed and keep God first.

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