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Hello Fashionistas!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a gathering I hosted at my house, it was a girls night in maragrita party. I ran out of time to get my decorations because it took a little longer to get my hair done then expected, but it came out cute. The girl’s night gathering was so much fun, just being able to host a party and spend time with my girl’s was what made my birthday one of the best I’ve ever had.

When I was deciding what type of outfit to wear for my Birthday all I knew was it had to be something deisgner, so I went on a search and checked out local boutiques in my area. So I was able to find a designer item for my OOTD; with that said ladies I will get into the details of todays post.


Glasses: Slauson swapmeet

Of course I had to play around with my favorite filter 😁 I already felt pretty and loved how I looked in my outfit and that filter just was the icing on the cake for me, so it helped me get my great photo content.

I promised myself that I would continue to get my hair done and always have something new to add and this time I went with two different colors (which I really love a lot) next time I get my hair braided, I’m going switchig up the way I play around with colors.

Top and pants: Sabrak Boutique / Heels: Shiek / Hair: My new braid stylist

My blouse is able to be tied in a few different ways and when I wear it again, then it will be tied into another style. This was my first time shopping at this boutique and definitely will be going back there for more outfits; I really loved this outfit and it made me feel so cute/stylish.

I was happy to spend my birthday with my bestfriend Danielle, and we definitely enjoyed ourselves last night. There was maragritas and seafood, everyone laughed together causing interesting conversations to spark and definitely had the most fun last night then I’ve had in awhile. My other friend came as well but she isn’t into taking photos like this which is why she wasn’t in it 💯



These adult card games are fun and a great way to make any gathering become just a little more interesting; add some margaritas and let’s really get into these question cards, because chile things get very intense kinda quick 🤣💯

We played the games after a few maragaritas and had the craziest laughs accure during that time 🤣 but over all it was a lot of fun to play these games with my friends and it being my Birthday made it that more fun.

Thank you everyone (anyone) go is reading this that wished me a happy birthday today on social media or text, I definitely felt so much love on my birthday and like I’ve already mentioned this was the best ever!. Secodnly, I had so much creating my content for my birthday and although Instagram was being a hater and kept dropping my damn podcast streams three times last night 🤦🏽‍♀️ It still worked out for the best.

This has been an incredible time for me starting out 2022 and I’m telling you all my new projects are going to be amazing so keep an 👀 for all of my upcoming announcements. Thank you for continuing to follow my journey and come back to see what chic content I come up with next, stay blessed and keep God first.

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